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it's not quite done yet. rose was celebrating walking on the green. if i was him i'd say i'll celebrate after i watch senden putt. 44 feet senden has, big ridge that he has to throw it up on, and then down the fall line. you can see it's glass smooth here at 1. and senden has been tough. not one putt's missed inside ten feet. made that great putt on the last hole. he wanted to make the presidents cup, and just a wonderful performance for him. most likely second place by himself. >> hard worker. great work ethic, john senden has. comes from a family of farmers, in australia. currently lives in fort worth, texas. he and his wife jackie have a couple of young kids.
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>> you can see where he's aiming this. everybody's overreading this putt to the right. that one's not overread. it's not as quick as he thought. you know, because of the moisture. and he knows that that's probably his chances are gone. unless mr. rose does something really unusual. he's going to putt and set the stage. for justin rose. >> senden's wife jackie is from the outback. you talk about an out-post. 300 miles to the closest hospital. 50 miles to the grocery store. and that is where john senden spent a lot of time over the summer, completely shut it down. got away from the game. took three weeks off to go home to australia this summer. first time he's done that during the season.
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but, he credits his recent good form from getting away from golf, taking that place. >> all by himself in second if he makes it. noesh clutch putt. that's a big money putt. really nice round. . no bogeys. the final 31 holds. >> like chez reavie a couple of weeks ago. jumped him into the tour championship. presidents cup for the u.s. team. we went through all the per mutations and possibilities, in the end the u.s. team stays the same. the ten guys that were in as automatic qualifiers to start the day make it for not only fred couples' team but for greg norman's team. justin rose birdie attempt. >> there he goes a little bit to the right of the hole. that looks good. that might go in. he's one happy englishman.
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>> jolly good. layer upon layer. it can really be tough for a player, justin rose comes back, and puts away john senden. got his family here with him. his wife kate and son leo is here. i believe that's leo coming on the green. talking last night, leo -- justin says he's going to play some golf. >> he and his wife kate are due with a second child on christmas day. of this year. for the rose family, he really appreciates these days when he can take his family on the road because he knows when they get into that school age it gets tougher and tougher to take them along. justin rose wins the bmw championship by two over john senden and we send it down to roger maltbie. >> thank you. thank you, dan.
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justin, sundays haven't always gone as you would have liked. this one wasn't easy. but you must feel great about closing the deal and getting it done on sunday. this has to be a big thrill for you. >> yeah, roger it really is. like you said i've had my ups and my downs. the learning curve is steam sometimes. but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and you come out and you can put it in perspective. that's when the game is not a big deal. no doubt it was hard today. i was grinding out, a couple crazy shots on par 5s. at that point i had to talk to myself and make sure that i settled things down. i was just very proud of the two swings i made coming down the stretch. those two swings they were for kieron. he'll know who i mean. >> really close the deal with the chip-in at 17. tell us about that. >> yeah, well again, i nearly took the chicken stick out and putted it and i said to myself, come on, this is a really makeable chip. it's just 54 degree on the green, going to track pretty straight to the hole. that was just a moment where you
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have to commit and do what you've got to do to win a golf tournament. >> congratulations, enjoy it. we'll see you next week in atlanta. >> yes, you will. >> back to you. >> justin rose was so thrilled with that clutch he broke out a new rose dance. justin celebrating on the 18th green. putting away the bmw championship. and he is, indeed, in good shape as they fight for the $10 million in atlanta next week. later tonight on golf channel get a breakdown on all of today's action on golf central. and then beginning thursday, it is the final event for the fedexcup playoffs. tour championship by coca-cola from east lake. all the action begins thursday on golf channel. continuing saturday, 2:00 eastern time on nbc. coming up next except on the west coast it's your local news. then sunday night it's football night as michael vick goes back to atlanta to take on his former team for the first time ever as the starting quarterback for the philadelphia eagles. coverage beginning 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific only on nbc.
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what a week it's been outside chicago. on a rainy sunday. justin rose gets it done for our entire team, dan hicks saying so long from cog hill where justin rose celebrates with little leo and wife kate. he's the champion of the bmw. see new atlanta.
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rally and a win. you can slide back on the edge of your seat now. the redskins put another "w" on the scoreguard. i'm aaron gilchrist. the redskins already have as many home wins as they
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again, the driver did not stop. iq) factors such as the lack of insurance and
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intoxication that lead drivers to flee the scene, and other factors that often explain why pedestrians are in non-pedestrian areas. >> the intersections are so far apart, so people are crossing the street, oftentimes in the middle of the street, for the sake of convenience. >> still, leaving the scene means a driver who might have faced a citation or lesser charge for striking a pedestrian could more than likely face a felony for hit-and-run. derrick ward, news 4. president obama says making the wealthy pay more will help reduce the nation's deficit. the so-called buffett rule named after billionaire warren buffett will be a cornerstone of the president's new debt reduction plan that he'll reveal tomorrow. it calls for a minimum tax rate on people making more than $1 million a year. many rich people wind up paying a smaller percentage of their income to taxes, because investment income is taxed less than regular pay. republicans don't support that measure. still to come, what dominique strauss-kahn is saying
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about his encounter inside that new york city hotel room and the regrets he has about the incident. plus, jack-o'-lanterns in plus, jack-o'-lanterns in as a country, we've seen our share of rough patches.
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the former head of the imf, dominique strauss-kahn, calls his sexual encounter with a hotel maid, a, quote, moral failing. but he maintains the maid lied about what happened. strauss-kahn gave his first interview since may to a french news channel. he says the may incident at a new york hotel was consensual, but he still regrets what happened. new york prosecutors dropped all criminal charges last month, but strauss-kahn is still facing a civil suit from that maid. a tornado, indeed. the national weather service confirming it was, in fact, a tornado that tore through ocean city, maryland, on thursday. the twister started as a water spout and then continued on to land near 75th street. officials say the tornado had winds between 60 and 70 miles per hour and was about 40 yards wide. still to come tonight, a few weeks of wild weather is putting this year's pumpkin crop in jeopardy. ♪
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geico, saving people money, on more than just car insurance. the wild weather of the past month has caused all sorts of problems, and now we're looking at a possible pumpkin shortage. farmers along the east coast say hurricane irene took a told on this year's crop. darcy spencer is at a pumpkin patch in germantown with the story. >> tyler butler walks through
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the pumpkin patch here at butler's orchard in germantown and assesses the damage done to the pumpkin crop here done by recent wet weather. >> when they come out, they might not see as many vines as usual. powdery mildew is a disease that comes from all of this, and that kills the vine, and it also causes some soft spots on the pumpkins, but when they come out to the farm, there'll be lots of pumpkins, lots of good pumpkins. >> reporter: with the start of pumpkin picking season here, farmers in the northeast are facing a mortgabecause of the se caused by hurricane irene. butler says because of the hurricane, pumpkin patches were soaked with as much as 12 inches of rain. >> that much rain over a short period of time, that caused a big issue for our pumpkin crop this year. >> reporter: here at butler's, a pumpkin festival will start in less than two weeks. they'll buy pumpkins from outside the region to increase their supplies, but they could face even more competition and higher prices, because so many crops have been devastated in the northeast. >> make sure when they come out
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to the farm, they're picking a good pumpkin, with a thick stem that doesn't have very many blemishes at all on it, and that way they'll have a good pumpkin for october. >> that pumpkin festival starts on october 1st and folks here at the farm want you to come out and find your perfect pumpkin, but it might take you a little bit longer this year. back to you, aaron. >> all right, darcy spencer, that's a big pumpkin you've got there. thanks. >> reporter: it sure is. all right, chuck, i had to note that. that's a big one. take that one home, darcy. >> it's only 59 cents a pound. looks like you've got about a $6 pumpkin right there. >> boy. let's talk about today, no rain, lots of clouds, though. >> yeah, the clouds hung tough, but the showers stayed away and that's all we cared about for your sunday. we've stayed rain free throughout the course of the afternoon. outside right now, still plenty of clouds out there for sure. i did see breaks of blue sky earlier this afternoon. those have filled back in just a little bit. we'll try to clear out a smidgen overnight tonight, but on the whole, you should expect more
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clouds than sunshine, not just for tomorrow, but for much of the upcoming work and school week. right now, with the clouds out there, we're holding at 66 degrees down at national airport. dew points have crept up out of the 40s and into the low 50s now. so a little bit more humidity now at 63%. a light east wind at 8 miles per hour. and it looks like we're going to see, generally speaking, we'll have pretty good weather around here for the next couple of days. nonetheless, though, rain chances back for tuesday and i think again later on in the week. right now, though, temperatures, thanks to the cloud cover, fairly uniform. generally in the mid-60s. as you make your plans for your sunday evening, mid-60s through 7:00, low 60s by 9:00, and about 60 by 11:00 p.m. the clouds sticking tough around here, thanks to that east-northeasterly breeze. that will gradually be breaking down as this area of high pressure which has provided that northeast wind all weekend, that moves away. that takes the cool marine layer out, and eventually the winds come back around to the south by late tomorrow afternoon. so a little bit of a mild trend coming our way. warmer weather for sure. but also with the more moisture in the atmosphere comes rain
6:23 pm
chances for tuesday and again on thursday and friday. so for this evening, cloudy skies and mild temperatures mostly in the 60s through the evening hours, and dropping back down into the low to mid-50s by startoff time on your monday morning. tomorrow, a mix of clouds and sunshine, pleasant, a bit milder than today with highs in the upper 60s for the high spots with the mid-70s around town, and here's our extended forecast. 73 tomorrow, 76 on tuesday, but a pretty good chance of some passing showers tuesday afternoon. cloudy and mild, near 80 on wednesday. and then shower chances return for thursday and friday. all of that is just fine and dandy, because next weekend the early glean looking good, highs in the mid-70s with the sunshine. you can follow the forecast online or follow me on twitter. >> thanks. turn to hakim now, looking at a good game for the redskins. >> eight straight against the cardinals, and a one-point victory equals a 2-0 record if the redskins. it's the first time washington has started a season with two straight wins in four years. the redskins looked defeated,
6:24 pm
but they hung in there and rallied against a solid arizona cardinals team. quarterback rex grossman, not very sharp in the first quarter here. on third and sixth, out of the shotgun, floats one to anthony armstrong. it's tipped in the air and it's picked off by richard marshall. 33-yard return. that would lead to a cardinals touchdown. former redskins bonny holliday says, hey, rex, let me put your pad back. second quarter, it's 7-3, cardinals. high tower gets the handoff and breaks off a 20-yard run. hightower finished with 96 yards rushing. that would lead to a three-point redskins lead. third quarter, 14-13, cards with the ball. kevin kolb gets rid of it. fitzgerald wins a foot race, 73-yard td. arizona takes a 21-13 lead. later in the fourth, same score, redskins going for it on fourth and three.
6:25 pm
grossman, perfect pass to santana moss. 18-yard score. redskins cut the deficit to two. grossman had 291 and two tds. then, less than two minutes to play, graham cano, 34 yards out, it's up and it's good. redskins up 22-21. cardinals still have a chance. kevin kolb to chancy stuckey, but byron westbrook knocks it loose and reid dowdy recovers the fumble and that's it. wow, the redskins hang on to win it 22-21 is the final. t the redskins improve to 2-1. live to redskins field to dan hellie. >> my favorite line post game came from steven bowie when he said, you know, we're not going to eat the cheese just yet. it took me a minute to process that, and he meant, we're not going to fall into the trap. but they'll take 2-0 any way they can get it. were they the sharpest team in the nfl in the first half? no, but they persevered and got
6:26 pm
the win and they are 2-0. >> these are the games that kind of define your team. not from the standpoint of just wins and losses, but it's how you win. and sometimes, you know, the margin of error in this league is very slight. you remember games like this. >> what does it say about this team that you guys persevered the way you did? >> man, that we're growing, man. we grew. in the past, we would have easily lost this game. but i feel like this team is playing together, having each other's backs. >> we're not the same redskins. i feel like if anybody watches us, they would know that we're a different team. different players, different mentality. we've got more of a finish attitude. we might mess up and we might do some things wrong, but we're going to go out there and give it all we've got. >> reporter: so that's fred davis, they are not the same redskins. last year, donovan mcnabb had exactly two games where we passed for two or more touchdowns. rex grossman has already done that this season, in two games. coming up, a monday nighter against the dallas cowboys next week and everybody in this
6:27 pm
locker room already thinking about that one. hak hakim? >> dan, thank you. we want dallas. all right, talking baseball now. today the nats protected their house against the marlins. florida had one 13 of the last 14 games in d.c., but the nats hooked the fish, earning their 42nd win at home this season, most in nats' history. chin minh wang on the mound for the nats. wang gives up two runs, strikes out five. bottom four, nats lead 4-0. base knocked back up the middle. brian peterson having trouble with the ball. ryan zimmerman scores. here comes michael morris. wang gets the win and drew storen picks up his 38th save as the nats defeat the marlins, 4-3 is the final. so we have a redskins win and a nationals win on a sunday. beautiful thing. >> it's a good day in washington. >> absolutely. that is the broadcast for
6:28 pm
tonight. "nightly news" is up next. hope to see you back here after the eagles/falcons game. labored breathing ]
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[ coughing continues ] [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings, coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] washington can't ignore the facts: more air pollution means more childhood asthma attacks.

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